I'm a self-taught contemporary artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My husband's career has taken our family from the USA, to Munich, Germany and now Amman, Jordan; where I have established myself as an artist. My living and travel experience overseas has exposed me to a wide range of beautiful landscapes, architect design, fashion, nature and overall culture. This experience has influenced my creative side as an artist. I am the type of person who brings my passion for fashion, nature and the environment into my style of art. Like my father, I am known to recycle unique pieces of useless items into a piece of artwork. In my community I'm usually sought after for my unique decorating ideas for fundraising events, wall murals and private arts & crafts lessons for children. My vibrant, colorful paintings are described as abstract, whimsical, pop art and contemporary. Most of my subject matter comes from the things I love or capture my eye. As a child, I played in my family's colorful coffee fields in Puerto Rico. For fun I made banana baskets with my grandparents. They taught me how to basket weave, and appreciate all that nature could offer. As a child and throughout my life I have always been fascinated with art and being able to create what I envision. After graduating high school I entered the University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin as an Art Major for 2 years and then transferred to Suffolk University Boston, Massachusetts where I graduated with a BS in Business Administration in 1998. Uncertain about my career choice, but certain about my passion for art, I started painting fun whimsical pieces of art after having my daughter Sara and shortly thereafter my son A.J. Today, my vibrant paintings can be found in my Art Studio & Gallery, and at the homes of friends, family and fans from around the world.